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What preparations do i need to make before setting up my biomass pellet production plant?

In short, you need to figure out following 3 questions:

what's your main raw material?
Maybe there are many kinds of raw material available around you, they are with different calorie value, different capacity, different size and moisture, even different transport cost, so you need to calculate and compare fully to find out the main raw material which means the most cost-effective one.

what's your target production capacity?
This depends on your total invest amount and main raw material capacity.

where your plant will be set up?
Usually, the ideal place should be with following features:
(1)near by main raw material location.
(2)electric power won’t be a problem due to biomass pelletizing equipments are more powerful.

What are the requirements for the biomass material before entering pellet machine for pelletizing?

Generally speaking, no matter what original state the raw material is, they should become nearly powdery form and biggest particle size should be less than 2/3 of final pellet diameter, also usually moisture content should be around 13-20%.

Whether raw material size is smaller, then final pelletizing effect is better?

Not like this, too smaller size raw material will bring bad effect to the final pellets strength and rise crushing burden.The most ideal size of raw material should be between 1/2-3/2 of final pellet diameter, and uniform.

I have several kinds of main raw materials, mix them and make pellets is OK? Or produce pellets separately?

Both are OK. No matter mix or separate. Just need to confirm the compression ratio of each raw material. The difference is if mix them then one kind of ring die will be OK, while maybe need several kinds of ring dies with different compression ratios if separate them.

What's the main difference between LGX series and LGX-A series?

Both are vertical structure ring die biomass pellet machines, main difference is LGX adopts standard main reducer and horizontal main motor, LGX-A adopts biomass pellet machine special main reducer and vertical main motor.

What' the difference between your sleeve type rotary drum dryer and other normal rotary drum dryer?

Just looks same from outside, inner structure is totally different. Sleeve type significantly improve utilization of hot air flow in the drum, so highly raise drying efficiency. If interested in, please you can contact us to get inner structure photos of both kinds.

Why same 560 model pellet machine with same 560mm ring die inner diameter and 90kw motor from other manufacturer is much cheaper?

Even same 560mm ring die inner diameter and same 90kw motor, the main transmission part can be different. For example, Shindery LGX560 adopts no.8 of Tongli brand TB reducer, the maximum torque it can undertake is 3 times than 90kw motor output torque, so our 560 type main transmission part safety factor is 3 and this can guarantee its durability. While if adopts no. 6 TB reducer, then the safety factor will become only 1.5, price can become cheaper but durability become much lower. In a short, what you can see is same doesn’t mean inner quality is same.


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