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Biomass Powder Grinder,Wood Flour Pulverizer

Short Description:

al1.The wood flour making machine is special equipment for processing wood flour from the stems,leaves and branches of fiber plants such as wood,bamboo,sawdust etc;
2.The fineness of finished products is generally between 60-325mesh;
3.The final product is generally used as filling agent and applied to many industries such as building materials,chemical industry,leather,daily necessities,coating etc.

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The biomass grinder,wood flour machine is primarily used for superfine grinding of fiber texture material and sawdust, etc. As a kind of impact mill, it can also be used for pulverizing of non-metallic materials, feeds, agricultural products, and chemical products, etc. (Note: the Moh's hardness of those materials should be lower than 6).
1. Energy saving: this kind of grinder can save as much as 30%-40% energy comparing with traditional grinding mill.
2. Superfine grinding: finished product fineness could be 350mesh because this grinding mill is equipped with high precision
Classifiers and super grinding chamber with 6pcs of grinding rollers.
3. Material fineness is adjustable.
4. Long service life: wear resistance materials are adopted for making wearing parts.
5. User-friendly design enables a convenient clean and maintenance.
6. Negative pressure production guaranteed a better production environment.
Working Principle:
After material is fed into grinding chamber, it will be pulverized under the shear force and extrusion force generated between
grinding roller and grinding ring. And classifier on the top of the grinder will collect qualified powder.

Raw Material Fineness(mesh) Capacity(kg/h) Screening rate Moisture
Poplar Sand Powder 80 ≤300 ≤98% ≤15%
Poplar Sawdust 80 ≤250 ≤98% ≤14%
Thorns 80 ≤250 ≤98% ≤15%
Pine Sawdust 80 ≤260 ≤98% ≤15%
Cypress Sawdust 80 ≤260 ≤98% ≤18%
Ixonanthes Chinensis 90 ≤200 ≤98% ≤10%
Wheat Bran 140 ≤150 ≤98% ≤8%
Cassava Dregs 150 ≤140 ≤98% ≤20%
Bamboo Flour 150 ≤150 ≤98% ≤15%

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