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Screw Type Biomass Charcoal Briquette Machine

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Charcoal machine-charcoal briquette making machine, also known as molding machine, is an important link in the charcoal making line. It is to extrude bamboo, wood, fruit shell, straw (except rice straw and wheat straw) with a moisture less than 12% (length ≤ 5mm, diameter ≤ 3mm) into rodlike charcoal with central hole (generally quadrangular and hexagonal rod shape)through high temperature and high pressure process,and without any binder.The diameter range of the finished charcoal is 40-80mm.

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    Charcoal making machine is a kind of equipment with technical content in charcoal machine equipment series, and also an important equipment in charcoal production line. We attach great importance to the research and development of charcoal making machine.In recent years, we have made new breakthroughs in the field of charcoal making by integrating the advantages of advanced molding equipment at home and abroad while making self-improvement and innovation.At present, the factory has a series of equipment such as rear adjustable shaft charcoal making machine, rear dismantling shaft charcoal making machine, high-density charcoal machine and so on. The new type of charcoal machine adopts oil immersed alloy structure, and the key components such as the propulsion shaft and forming cylinder are made of special wear-resistant materials, which are precision cast and more durable. The matching degree, compactness and wear resistance between the propulsion shaft and the inner forming cylinder have been greatly improved. The new screw charcoal briquette ma

    chine has the advantages of high output, low energy consumption, compact and durable.


    Model Power(kw) Heating Mode Charcoal Diameter(mm) Screw Adjustment Capacity(kg/h) Raw Material Size(mm) Dimension(m)
    SBJ-50 Charcoal Machine 18.5-22 Electric resistance 45-50 N 180-240 ≤5 1.6*0.56*1.5
    SBJ-70 Charcoal Machine 18.5-22 Electric resistance 70 Y 350-450 ≤5 1.8*0.7*1.5
    Rear Adjustable Shaft Charcoal Machine 18.5-22 Microcomputer electromagnetic heating 45-50 Y 300-350 ≤5 1.7*0.65*1.8
    Rear Dismantling Shaft Charcoal Machine 18.5-22 Electric resistance 45-50 Y 180-240 ≤5 1.6*0.56*1.5
    High Density Charcoal Machine 18.5-22 Electric resistance 45-50 Y 180-240 ≤5 1.6*0.56*1.5



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